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Success stories

There is no better way to learn about how we help adults improve their lives, than to listen to three students tell you how they have benefitted from our programs. Click the picture below and watch our video.


We often ask our students to write about how our literacy program has helped them.

"Being a student with the Oakville Literacy Council has helped me to believe that some day I can learn to read and write. This will make me feel happy and confident. Thank you for making this possible for me. God Bless."

"Being a student with the Oakville Literacy Council has helped me to read better and to spell properly, to make my writing smaller. I have definitely made improvements."

"It is awesome with the amount I have learned. If I didn’t come here I wouldn’t have learned half the stuff I learned. I will be able to read to my son or daughter if I have one.
I like the one on one because it is easier and quieter. They make people feel safe. I always hated school. It is affordable for people on disability or assistance."

I’m very happy to start this program. My tutor she is very kind. We learn from the books. She also helps me understand about life in Canada. Before I was in this program I didn’t know the difference between capital and small letters. Now I can write and I’m starting to spell. Before I didn’t read. Now I can read some newspapers and books.

I really enjoy our time together. We can talk about many things. Thanks for the program and for sending my tutor to me. Thank you Sue my tutor for the time that you spend with me.

And we ask tutors to share some of their challenges and successes.

"My challenges as a tutor have been non-existent. My greatest success has been to see the significant progress my student has made – his enthusiasm and hard work to be successful and improve his ability to read and spell. It is a real pleasure for me to spend time with him."

"My greatest success has been watching my student transform her verbal memories into the written word. She has such a rich experience to share and I am encouraging her to get it down on paper and eventually published."

My greatest challenge working as a tutor has been time management. I find it difficult to restrict myself to the two-hour session as planned. My student genuinely enjoys learning and profits from every additional minute – that amounts to an hour very easily.

Seeing the change in his outlook is inspiring and rewarding to both of us. That's what we consider our greatest success.

Why are you a tutor with the Oakville Literacy Council? Don’t you have better things to do with your retirement? (CLICK ON LINK TO READ A SPECIAL LETTER WRITTEN BY ONE OF OUR TUTORS)

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