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Projects and Partners  

Oakville Community Foundation

The Henderson Family Trust and

The Alexander and Bernice De Maio Fund

In December of 2013 we received two cheques for $1000.00 each from The Henderson Family Trust and The Alexander and Bernice De Maio Fund (funds held within the Oakville Community Foundation).

These grants will help us provide up-to-date and targeted adult literacy resources (including books, workbooks, learning guides and software), packaged into specific and standardized learning plans that volunteer tutors and their students can follow easily. The final outcomes of this project include: enhanced individual student programs, improved student commitment, longer volunteer engagement, shorter student programs, increased student capacity and several years of project material use.


Athena Scholarship Fund


In May of 2013 we received $1000.00 to support our Bring on More Students Project. This donation is targeted to support the OLC in providing programming to three students over 30. The funds have been used to provide assessment services, program development and ongoing support for three students and their tutors. All three students are women over 30 who are working toward improving their skills so that they can go back to school or train for employment. One student is improving her math skills in order to access college upgrading and then move into nursing. The other two students are woking toward improving their self-esteem and workplace communications skills in order to find rewarding employment. 

Oakville Literacy Council gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Oakville CommuityFoundation, a registered charitable public foundation serving the Oakville Community.


The American Women's Club of Oakville (AWCO)

The AWCO is a non-profit organization that provides fellowship and socialization among Americans living in Oakville, and to encourage participation in community service, both civic and philanthropic.

In June we received a $1,000 grant from them to help support support one full training/intake session of volunteer literacy tutors. This includes recruitment, an evening information session, a required 12-hour training workshop with certified Laubach Literacy Ontario tutor trainers, training materials and matching each with a student.


Target Canada

Target Canada has generously offered their support with funds to help us bring on more students.

Oakville Public Library
The Council has a longstanding relationship with the library. We are fortunate to have an office in the Woodside library, and receive many other kinds of support from all levels of staff. Woodside library is also home to a wonderful collection of adult literacy resources and readers.


Rotary Club of Oakville Trafalgar

We gratefully acknowledge a donation of $2,500 from the Rotary Club of Oakville Trafalgar to help fund an outreach campaign targeting community agencies and workplaces.


Starbucks Coffee and Panago Pizza
It’s not just about the food and drink – we appreciate the support of our partners in Oakville. Both are happy to donate refreshments for our meetings, and Starbucks staff are always ready to help at our annual used book sale.



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