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Get free help with reading, writing, basic math and computer skills.

Are you 19 or over and speak English?
We can help you.

Our service is one-on-one, private, and confidential. 

Call us at 905-469-8528 or email us.

We will meet with you to find out what skills you already have and what else you want to learn.

You will be matched with a trained tutor. You and your tutor will meet once or twice a week, usually in a private area of a library.

You’ll have one-to-one lessons made just for you.

People who call us are changing their lives. Some are business people, some are grandparents, and some want to take a training course or get a better job.

After getting help, people can read and write better, and they feel more confident and independent.

We are here to help you and want to talk to you soon!

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